Сигнализатор для жерлицы WAL-1803 светодиодный, from: NoBrend Китай

Сигнализатор для жерлицы WAL-1803 светодиодный, from: NoBrend Китай
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WAL-1803 LED bite detector for a zherlitsa

The alarm is activated when the flag is flipped to the vertical position on the zherlitsy. The red and green LEDs start flashing as soon as the alarm housing moves from horizontal to vertical position.

The light of the LEDs is bright, their flashing is noticeable from a very long distance. In standby mode, the indicator practically does not consume battery power.

Lithium batteries and reliably serve at a negative temperature, powered by 3 cells. There is an additional element in the kit.

Activation occurs at the moment of closing the alarm housing. It is necessary to ensure that the spring tightly presses the battery to the base of the LEDs.


  • The LED two-color alarm.
  • Blister pack
  • 4.5V batteries - 2 pcs.
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