Флажок для жерлицы без втулки, from: NoBrend Китай

Флажок для жерлицы без втулки, from: NoBrend Китай
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The zherlitsa alarm in the form of a flag.

Fishing with a zherlice is becoming more and more fashionable and now it is almost impossible to find a fisherman who will not take a set of five or ten pieces with him on a fishing trip. In a convenient bag, you can take them with you on a fishing trip or throw them into a fishing box with other equipment.

By installing the zherlits on the hole and filling the flag correctly, you can safely fish in the neighborhood with a winter fishing rod. But with the work of a zherlitsa from a pike or pike perch bite, it can present a surprise in the form of a flag that has flown away. Many zherlitsy with active use may eventually lose a reliable attachment to the base and fly out with a sharp bite of fish. In deep snow, it will not be so easy to find a flag, and it sometimes flies away from the installation site of the millstone by several meters.

We offer to buy spare flags for the zherlitsa.

The flag for the zherlitsa consists of:

  • flat spring 0.6 mm thick, 4.5 mm wide, plate length 50 cm;
  • fabric flag size 60 x 50 mm.

Before the start of the winter fishing season, those who prefer to fish with zherlits should take care of purchasing spare flags for winter zherlits. The suggested checkboxes are universal.

They are suitable for zherlits with a landing hole in the base for the flag and for those zherlits that use the fastening of the flag with a pressure plate. First you will need to remove the plastic sleeve and slightly bend the shank of the flat spring to securely attach the flag at the base.

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