Yaman sled rope, d-8 mm, L-10 m, from: Следопыт

Yaman sled rope, d-8 mm, L-10 m, from: Следопыт
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Следопыт Brand: Следопыт

Rope for the Yaman sleigh.

It is used as a harness for winter fishing sleds. The ends of the rope are threaded through the holes of the sled and knots are tied at the ends of the ropes so that it is fixed and does not pass through the holes. It is also used for children's sleds, for tubing and other household purposes.

The length of the rope is 10 meters, the diameter of the rope is 8 mm, the color of the rope may differ from the color in the photo!

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Specification Yaman sled rope, d-8 mm, L-10 m, from: Следопыт

Main characteristics
Article manufacturer Я-СВ11
Diameter 8 mm
Length 10 m
Color Color
Main material Polypropylene
The brand Sledopyt
Manufacturer country Russia
Product Details
Weight 0.10kg

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