YAMAN "Tundra" sledge No. 7 (C-2/1), from: Следопыт

YAMAN "Tundra" sledge No. 7 (C-2/1), from: Следопыт
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Fishing sledges dragging Yaman Tundra No. 7

The Tundra 7 small sledge-travois is an excellent solution to problems with the transportation of fishing paraphernalia during the winter fishing season.

The Tundra-5 sled is made in a body with 160 mm sides. This is a complete analogue of the sledge - C2/1. In such a sleigh it is convenient to transfer overall loads of medium volume. This is a small sled for fishing.

The sled can be used for any purpose, as well as for hunting, due to its design and a depth of 160 mm, they can accommodate dimensional boxes and other necessary attributes.

The sleigh is made of frost-resistant plastic with reinforced sides. The sled can be modified independently, which will not be difficult, by drilling several holes along the edges (below the base of the side) so that a nylon rope can be stretched. Thus, the usable space will be increased several times and everything will be securely fixed during transportation. The plastic of the sled is durable and soft, so contact with ice and bumps during movement will not pose a danger.

Fishing sledges of Yaman "Tundra No. 7" are made of environmentally safe, frost-resistant, shock-resistant durable material - high-pressure polyethylene.

Sleds retain plasticity at low temperatures, are very light and roomy. At their bottom, for strength and ease of movement, runners are formed. Holes with metal grommets are provided on the front wall of the sledge for towing rope. All products are tested according to European standards.

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Specification YAMAN "Tundra" sledge No. 7 (C-2/1), from: Следопыт

Main characteristics
Article manufacturer Я-СВ07
The size 840х440х160 мм
Main material Polyethylene
The brand Sledopyt
Manufacturer country Russia
Product Details
Weight 4.00kg

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