Пила для льда, деревянная ручка (АКЦИЯ!!!), from: LAXSTROM

Пила для льда, деревянная ручка (АКЦИЯ!!!), from: LAXSTROM
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Ice saw with wooden handle

Scope of application:

  • hole for bathing
  • hole for installing the roof
  • hole for installing nets

The folding ice saw has divorced teeth, which ensures easy cutting of ice. The design provides a special adjusting nut that securely fixes the saw in the disassembled state. The ice saw is made of stainless steel, with a wooden handle for easy operation.

Saw dimensions:

  • folded - 105 cm
  • disassembled - 202 cm
  • blade width - 5 cm
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Specification Пила для льда, деревянная ручка (АКЦИЯ!!!), from: LAXSTROM

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Manufacturer country Russia

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