Skis "Hunter" wood-plastic; 175 см, from: Фабрика Маяк

Skis "Hunter" wood-plastic; 175 см, from: Фабрика Маяк
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Фабрика Маяк Brand: Фабрика Маяк

Ski design "Hunter" is regularly updated. The drawings on the surface may differ from those presented on the website.

Skis "Hunter" are used almost throughout Russia, except for some southern regions. They are made of hardwood. The gluing of the skis "Hunter" is made with frost- and moisture-resistant glue of Swedish production, which gives the skis special strength. The coating of the front side of these hunting skis is made with a Finnish frost-resistant varnish with increased gloss.

Skis «Hunter » are made of two types: wooden and wood-plastic. They are a 3-layer "Sandwich" construction of a block plate reinforced with a unidirectional middle wedge.

The use of Hunter skis

Wooden hunting skis are used in the temperature range from -10C to -30C. A necessary condition for their operation is the tarring of the sliding surface (to prevent the wood from getting wet). At the same time, tarring is carried out during the winter as needed (abrasion of the sliding surface), but at least 1 time per season.

In plastic hunting skis, low-pressure polyethylene is used on the sliding surface, which prevents rapid abrasion of the lower part of the ski. This advantage allows you to use them on the table. Also, in warm weather, snow does not stick to plastic, which determines the use of this type of ski in the temperature range from +5C to -10C. At lower temperatures, wood-plastic hunting skis are ineffective. For the best sliding, before use, plastic skis must be cycled and lubricated with paraffin. Before going out according to the temperature on the sliding surface of the ski, put ski ointment under the shoe.

Ski storage rules:

After each use, hunting skis should be cleaned of snow, and then wiped dry. At the end of the season, if necessary, tar the wooden skis, and remove the remnants of the ointment from the plastic ones. Hunting skis should be stored in an upright position, while the heel part of the skis should not touch the wet floor, or horizontally, on the side faces with support at least at three points. Skis for storage are folded with sliding surfaces, fastened with holders (or rope) at the base of the toe bend and at a distance of 5-6cm from the heel cut. A 5-6cm thick wooden bar is inserted between the skis in the area of the center of gravity. It is forbidden to store hunting skis near heating appliances and in the sun

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Specification Skis "Hunter" wood-plastic; 175 см, from: Фабрика Маяк

Ski options
Operating conditions -10°C to -30°C
Main characteristics
Width 15 см
Length 175 см
Main material Wood, plastic
Manufacturer country Russia
Species product Ski Hunter
Product Details
Weight 4.60kg

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