Ледобур Тонар ЛР-150Д, from: Tonar

Ледобур Тонар ЛР-150Д, from: Tonar
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Tonar Brand: Tonar

Ice drill for fishing

If you decide to buy an ice drill, then take a closer look at the Tonar ice drill of the Barnaul plant, also known as a manufacturer of peshni that has proven itself in the best way. On our website you can buy both spare and knives for this ice drill for winter fishing. The two-handed ice drill of the Barnaul plant is available in four standard sizes of drilling holes in ice, namely:
  • LR-100D - with a drilling hole of 100 mm;
  • LR-130D with hole drilling 130mm;
  • LR-150Д with hole drilling 150mm;
  • LR-180Д with hole drilling 180 mm.

Barnaul ice drill is characterized by a high speed of ice drilling with a minimum of effort and low weight. And its reliability and durability are beyond doubt, for which the fishermen of the whole country, who are seriously fond of winter fishing, fell in love with it.

The low price and reliability of the Tonar ice drill make it the most common on the Russian market. The Tonar ice drill successfully competes with such famous brands as the Mora ice drill and the equally common Rapala ice drill. It should be taken into account that, unlike Mora and Rapala ice drills, these ice drills have the opposite direction of rotation, namely counterclockwise, which may not be very convenient for those who are used to imported Mora and Rapala models.

Knives for ice drill The tonar has a straight sharpening shape, which makes them convenient for further operation. You can sharpen knives to an ice pick on a regular sharpener at home or even on fishing with a simple grindstone. Barnaul company Tonar, although it produces a large assortment of this model, but the most popular models are the 100, 130 and 150 mm models presented above.

Barnaul ice drill Tonar for winter fishing folding screw, two-handed, with left rotation is designed for drilling holes in the ice during sports and amateur fishing. The upper handle of the ice drill is shifted relative to the axis by 130 mm, and the lower one by 155 mm. Rotation of the ice drill with both hands allows you to reduce the effort due to the uniform distribution of the load on the hands and increase the drilling speed.

Technical data
LR-100D LR-130D LR-150Д
Drilling diameter, mm 100 130 150
Drilling depth, mm 1000 1000 1000
Length in working position, mm 1570 1570 1570
Length in folded position, mm 800 800 800
Weight without cover, kg 2,5 2,8 3,1
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Specification Ледобур Тонар ЛР-150Д, from: Tonar

Параметры ледобуров
Глубина бурения до 1000 мм
Диаметр бурения 150 мм
Main characteristics
Article manufacturer LR-D
Color Blue
The brand Тонар
Manufacturer country Россия
Product Details
Weight 3.10kg

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