The Lower_Case (Ice screws) of different models are presented at affordable Cut prices ( ([Special]) [Special] from [Min_price] ⋂ from 0)

The Lower_Case (Ice screws) of different models are presented at affordable Cut prices (<if> ([Special]) [Special] <ELSE> from [Min_price] </ Endif> ⋂ from 0)

The lower_case_first (Ice screws) category contains the goods necessary for successful fishing, which no fisherman can do without. Pay attention to the availability of fishing supplies.

There are more than 42 items in the lower_case_first (Ice screws) category. A large selection makes it possible to buy goods, exactly those that are needed at a given time by the fisherman.

Each item of the product has excellent quality photos taken by our photographers. Detailed photos will help you to correctly assess the quality of the goods, for some positions we have posted simple video clips of the "holding in our hands" type. They will help you to better present our fishing products in action and correctly assess their dimensions and characteristics.

Use a detailed filter to sort and select by individual properties of fishing products. We are trying to make this feature more detailed.

(2> 1) Other fishing products related to this product group are presented in the previous categories:

    lower_case_first ([category_nested sort = "2"];)
    fishing rig.

Ледобур ICEBERG-SIBERIA 160(R)-1600 Steel Head v3.0 (правое вращение, стальная голова)
Product Code: Z0000007625
Ледобур ICEBERG-SIBERIA 110(R)-1600 v3.0 (правое вращение)
Product Code: Z0000007622
Ледобур ТОРНАДО-М2 (ф130)
Product Code: 00060800024
Ледобур ТОРНАДО-М2 (ф100)
Product Code: 00060800025
Ледобур ТОРНАДО-М2 180(L) (левое вращение)
Product Code: Z0000007645
Ледобур ТОРНАДО-М2 180(R) (правое вращение)
Product Code: Z0000007646
Ледобур ТОРНАДО-М2 130(R) (правое вращение)
Product Code: Z0000007643
Ледобур Тонар ЛР-180
Product Code: 00022700034
Ледобур Тонар ЛР-150Д
Product Code: 00022700033
Ice drill for fishing If you decide to buy an ice drill, then take a closer look at the Tonar ice ..
Ледобур ЛР-080 Спорт (левое вращение, цельнотянутый шнек)
Product Code: Z0000007630
Ледобур Helios HS-150D
Product Code: Z0000007615
Ледобур Helios HS-110D
Product Code: Z0000007612
Adapter 15.5 mm for an ice drill for a Redstars screwdriver, with a bearing (for Volzhanka-Nero)
Product Code: Z0000008971
Ножи LT-180(L) ТОРНАДО (левое вращение)
Product Code: Z0000007714
Knives for Tonar ice drill, D = 180 mm
Product Code: 00048200029
Ножи ICEBERG-130(R) для V2.0 (мокрый лед) правое вращение
Product Code: Z0000007710
Ножи ICEBERG-130(R) для V2.0 правое вращение
Product Code: Z0000007711
Ножи ICEBERG-130(L) для V2.0 левое вращение
Product Code: Z0000007709
Ножи ICEBERG-130(L) для V2.0 (мокрый лед) левое вращение
Product Code: Z0000007708
Ножи ICEBERG-110(R) для V2.0 (мокрый лед) правое вращение
Product Code: Z0000007706
Ножи ICEBERG-110(R) для V2.0 правое вращение
Product Code: Z0000007707
Ножи HELIOS 150(L) (полукруглые - мокрый лед) левое вращение
Product Code: Z0000007703
Knives for Tonar ice drill, D = 130 mm
Product Code: 00048200031
Knives for Tonar ice drill, D = 150 mm
Product Code: 00048200030
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