The Lower_Case (Goods for winter fishing) of different models are presented at affordable Cut prices ( ([Special]) [Special] from [Min_price] ⋂ from 0)

The Lower_Case (Goods for winter fishing) of different models are presented at affordable Cut prices (<if> ([Special]) [Special] <ELSE> from [Min_price] </ Endif> ⋂ from 0)

Ice Fishing Products

When the water is covered with a thin layer of ice and it is able to withstand a person, it is time for winter fishing . Fishermen eagerly await the first ice and go out onto it, sometimes risking an “ice bath”.

This is not just a hobby - winter fishing is a different lifestyle. Those who gladly go out on the ice to fish do not understand the "fishermen" who fish only in summer.

The harsh conditions of winter fishing dictate a special attitude to the equipment of the fisherman , to his tackle. Everything that had to be used for summer fishing is removed further, and with the onset of autumn, preparations for winter fishing begin.

In winter, finding a fish is the main task facing a fisherman, you have to drill more than a dozen by the moon before luck smiles on the fisherman with a good catch. Therefore, special requirements are imposed on a good ice screw , and the ice screw blades must keep sharpening well.

Often, one cannot do without a good punch on a fisherman, especially on the first ice it is good for her to check the thickness of the ice - feeling her way.

What a winter fishing fisherman can't do without

Good winter bait and rod equipment such as:

  • girders;
  • line;
  • floats;
  • nods;
  • gateways;
  • spools;
  • winter fishing rods;
  • feeders;
  • scoops.

This is not all that may be required in winter fishing. All these products are manufactured for winter cold conditions and must meet the highest requirements for plasticity and strength in cold weather, for comfort of use in severe cold conditions.
A special category of goods is responsible for the catching power of fish - jigs, balancers, spinners, winter wobblers, bait. Without solid experience in winter fisherman and knowledge of the "taste" of fish, with a good catch it is difficult return home.
Another category of goods that is given special attention is winter equipment, which includes basic sleds for fishing, winter box, echo sounders , clothing, thermos, heaters and simple knee pads to help you feel comfortable fish without compromising health. You cannot do without protection from the cold and a winter tent , and for a budget option, a simple polyethylene awning will allow the fisherman to spend a long time on the ice.

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