Glue polyurethane Cintacoll Universal 30 ml, from: МГТ-ГРУПП

Glue polyurethane Cintacoll Universal 30 ml, from: МГТ-ГРУПП
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Polyurethane glue Sintacoll, description and application

SinTacoll glue - polyurethane universal, waterproof glue based on DESMOCOLL rubbers of the German concern Covestro.
Baked materials:

    PVC fabrics
    hard plastics
    Fibrous fabrics and materials, paper, cardboard.


    Forms durable glue seam;
    Seam has a high water resistance;
    The possibility of one-sided and bilateral application;
    Frost resistance - retains its properties after defrosting, it is enough to bring the temperature to 20 ° C;
    High elasticity of adhesive seam;
    It is distinguished by quick grappleness;
    It has high adhesion

Method of application: Bled surfaces must be dry and clean. It is necessary to squeeze glue from the tube, evenly apply to one or both connected surfaces, dry 10-15 minutes, apply a second layer, dried about 5 minutes and strongly press.

Or dry the second layer of 15-20 minutes, heat the surface to 50-60ºС and grip strongly.

Conditions for safe use and storage: fuel! Work is carried out in a well-ventilated room, away from open sources of fire. Take care of children.

Store at temperatures from 0 to + 35ºС. In the case of transportation or storage at negative temperatures, it is necessary to withstand glue in the warm room.

After restoring the glue properties are saved.

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Specification Glue polyurethane Cintacoll Universal 30 ml, from: МГТ-ГРУПП

Main characteristics
The brand Sintacoll
Manufacturer country Russia
Volume, capacity 30 ml
Product Details
Weight 0.10kg


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