PVC glue + Liquid patch, Reactor, tube of 15 ml.; Blue, from: Reaktor

PVC glue + Liquid patch, Reactor, tube of 15 ml.; Blue, from: Reaktor
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Reaktor Brand: Reaktor

PVC glue. Color - Blue

PVC glue (quick patch - seam sealer) is a specially developed product from the company Reaktor® for the prompt repair of inflatable boats, swimming pools, awnings and other products made of pvc fabrics. Modern polymer PVC glue is a composite composition of polyurethane resins, activators, accelerators and stabilizers.

Method of application of PVC Glue:

  1. Clean and degrease a puncture, cut, or other damaged surface with Reaktor® activator, which is guaranteed to help achieve the maximum possible adhesion of pvc glue with pvc fabrics. in the absence of an activator, it is permissible to use any alcohol- or acetone-containing solvent, but 100% result in this case is not guaranteed.
  2. Ok, shake the tube 10 – 15 times to stir the ingredients.
  3. Apply a small amount of PVC glue to a pre-prepared patch, rub the glue with it and press firmly with your fingers along the entire perimeter of the damage for 2-3 minutes.
  4. After 10 – 15 minutes, identify the loose places and fill them with glue, pressing them tightly with your fingers.
  5. Seal the seams by squeezing the PVC glue around the perimeter of the patch.

Complete polymerization will occur after 24 hours , however, it is possible to use the product under an incomplete load after 1 - 12 hours , depending on the nature of the damage and the ambient temperature. PVC glue is designed for prompt repair! Before complete polymerization, do not inflate the boat and other inflatable products used on the water to the maximum recommended value, but inflate to the minimum possible only to keep it afloat! Avoid operating the boat at temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius! When repairing boats and other inflatable products used on the water, periodically check the tightness of the repaired damage! All products of the company Reaktor® are packed in expensive aluminum tubes, which prevents premature polymerization and drying. as you use, turn up the "tail" of the tube, removing excess air space.

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Specification PVC glue + Liquid patch, Reactor, tube of 15 ml.; Blue, from: Reaktor

Main characteristics
Article manufacturer Клей ПВХ 15,Синий
Color Blue
Main material PVC
The brand Reaktor
Manufacturer country Russia
Volume, capacity 15 ml
Product Details
Weight 0.02kg


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