Fishing line calibrated 1.6 mm, skein 50 m, from: Bazizfish

Fishing line calibrated 1.6 mm, skein 50 m, from: Bazizfish
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Bazizfish Brand: Bazizfish

Fishing line color: transparent, universal for fishing, 1.6 mm diameter

Universal fishing line for all types of fishing

The calibrated fishing line is designed for all types of fishing, manufacture and repair of fishing nets and fishing lines. is also widely used for household purposes. Invisible in clear water, does not get confused. It can be used in electric and gasoline lawn mowers.
Monofilament, a universal fishing line of 1.6 mm and a breaking load of 56 kg is used for fishing various types of fish.

Distinctive features of the fishing line:

  • High strength
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Versatility in use

It is available for sale, wound in a skein on machines, the length of the winding is 50 meters.

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Tags: universal fishing line, UniLine, blue, 0_16 mm, weight 100 g.

Specification Fishing line calibrated 1.6 mm, skein 50 m, from: Bazizfish

Main characteristics
Diameter 1,6 мм.
Length 50 m
Color clear
Main material Copolymer
The brand Bazizfish
Additional features high strength, abrasion resistance, versatility in use
Параметры и свойства рыболовной лески
Breaking strength, kg 55.0 kg
Operating temperature, °C 30 to 0 ° C
Recommended method of fishing for non-loaded types of fishing
Product Details
Weight 0.10kg


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