The Lower_Case (Рыбалка спортивная) of different models are presented at affordable Cut prices ( ([Special]) [Special] from [Min_price] ⋂ from 0)

The Lower_Case (Рыбалка спортивная) of different models are presented at affordable Cut prices (<if> ([Special]) [Special] <ELSE> from [Min_price] </ Endif> ⋂ from 0)

The sporty type of fishing is the most popular among amateur fishermen.

This is both a hobby and an opportunity to compete in the skill of an angler. Sport Fishing Tackle includes the use of:

  • rods and rods,
  • spools,
  • quality baits,
  • and other rigs, the variety of which is often surprising..

Anglers can release or keep fish. As a rule, they leave the fish injured because if it is released, it will not survive. Sports anglers practice both fishing and release , while in commercial or recreational fishing, fish is always a commodity or bait if it is small.

The arsenal of tackle for the sports angler should be much more complex and expensive. Each fishing trip has its own fishing tactics, which must be strictly adhered to in order to achieve a result.

A fisherman must have good intuition and practice, be able to analyze the situation in order to make adjustments at any time. This is achieved through knowledge of fish, tackle and their characteristics, using better quality and more expensive supplies.

Line cord 12 mm, 300 m (coil)
Product Code: Z0000008409
Braided cord STRONG 8.0 mm, test 750 kg, 350 m (euro reel)
Product Code: Z0000016078
 Braided cord STRONG 10.0 mm, test 1000 kg, 220 m (coil)
Product Code: Z0000016079
 Braided cord STRONG 12.0 mm, test 1400 kg, 150 m (coil)
Product Code: Z0000016080
 Braided cord STRONG 12.0 mm, test 1400 kg, 150 m (euro reel)
Product Code: Z0000016081
 Polyamide rope PAT 10.0 mm, test 1670 kg, 200 m, white (coil 10.5 kg)
Product Code: Z0000008551
Braided cord "Standard" 10.0 mm (220 m) white on a spool
Product Code: Z0000008455
Braided cord "Standard" 10.0 mm (220 m) black on a spool (9.9 kg)
Product Code: Z0000008456
Bait casting boat Smart Remote Control, black
Product Code: Z0000005533
 Braided cord STRONG 15.0 mm, test 1900 kg, 100m (coil)
Product Code: Z0000016084
 Braided cord STRONG 14.0 mm, test 1800 kg, 100 m (coil)
Product Code: Z0000016082
 Braided cord STRONG 14.0 mm, test 1800 kg, 100 m (euro reel)
Product Code: Z0000016083
 Braided cord EXTREME 14.0 mm, test 1800 kg, 48-strand, 100 m (euro reel)
Product Code: Z0000016086
 Polyamide rope PAT 13.0 mm, test 3135 kg, 100 m, white, coil
Product Code: Z0000008552
 Feeder rod MIFINE Selector Feeder G214, 4.2m test 100-150 gr
Product Code: Z0000015311
 Feeder rod MIFINE Selector Feeder G214, 3.9m test 100-150 gr
Product Code: Z0000015310
 Feeder rod MIFINE Selector Feeder G214, 3.6m test 100-150 gr
Product Code: Z0000015309
Braided cord Sport Cord 5,0 mm, 560 kg, 400 m, two-color, euro spool
Product Code: Z0000016107
Polyamide rope PAT 8,0 mm, test 1360 kg, 200 m, white, coil
Product Code: Z0000008550
Dryer for drying fish 3 chains with a frame (aluminum)
Product Code: Z0000002049
Braided cord Sport Cord 4,0 mm, 400 kg, 500 m, two-color, euro spool
Product Code: Z0000016106
 Rod MIFINE Feeder Wave Feeder 3.9 m test 0-120 gr
Product Code: Z0000015298
 Polyamide rope PAT 6,0 mm, test 880 kg, 300 m, white, euro bobbin
Product Code: Z0000008548
 Braided cord STRONG 6.0 mm, test 580 kg, 300 m (reel)
Product Code: Z0000016075
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