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The main problem for a car on winter village roads is, of course, snowdrifts, in which any car can get stuck. To prevent this from happening, or rather, so that you can quickly get out of a possible snow captivity, remember a few simple rules. To begin with, before going fishing install a reliable tow bar on the car, check the presence of a tow rope in the trunk, and also put small boards and a shovel next to it.

As for the shovel and boards, you will need them in order to, in case of a car slipping in a snowdrift, try to get out of it yourself. In this case, a standard, "all-season" method is used with digging out the wheels and placing a board under them to create the necessary traction.

But the tow bar and cable are necessary for an extreme case when, after long attempts to get out of the snow captivity yourself, you realize that you will not be able to free the car on your own, and you will have to resort to the old proven method – towing. Regarding the fact that the tow bar should be reliable and match the weight of the car, it is not worth mentioning once again. As for cables, these days they are represented by sewn rag, rope and metal options.

With the help of a metal cable, you can pull almost any car without fear that the cable will break. At the same time, he can easily tear the towing lugs or tow bar, because when pulling such a cable does not stretch, thereby not reducing the load on them. Rag cables, in this case, are more "neat", because they soften the first jerk, however, their reliability leaves much to be desired. So the best option is rope cables, which, on the one hand, have sufficient reliability, and, on the other hand, will work with towing lugs in a gentle mode.

Thus, taking such an uncomplicated set with you on the road, you can be sure that even in a force majeure situation you will be able to continue your journey and get to the much-desired reservoir.

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