Metallic bowl "Sledopyt", 22 sm, 1 L, from: Следопыт (Россия)

Metallic bowl "Sledopyt", 22 sm, 1 L, from: Следопыт (Россия)
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Следопыт (Россия) Brand: Следопыт (Россия)

Bowl "Pathfinder-Economy" metal, diameter 22 cm, 1 liter

Lunch at the campfire - an integral part of any campaigns, which will help you brighten up the metal bowl "Pathfinder". It is much easier and at the same time reliable and durable plastic dishes, it can be easily folded into a backpack to other things, as well as the heat in her food directly on the gas equipment or plate

Features bowls.:

  • Diameter: 22cm
  • Material:metal
  • volume: 1000ml
  • Weight:59g
  • Reference:   PF-CWS-P41
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Tags: A bowl, a bowl of "Pathfinder-Economy"

Specification Metallic bowl "Sledopyt", 22 sm, 1 L, from: Следопыт (Россия)

Main characteristics
Main material Metal
The brand Sledopyt
Manufacturer country   China
Volume 1000 ml
Product Details
code Z0000001938
Weight 0.08kg

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