Fire pot "Sledopyt", 3L, from: Следопыт (Россия)

Fire pot "Sledopyt", 3L, from: Следопыт (Россия)
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Следопыт (Россия) Brand: Следопыт (Россия)

Campfire kettle "Pathfinder", 3 l

Imagine an evening gathering around a campfire with a mug of your favorite hot drink while hunting, fishing or hiking. Campfire kettle "Pathfinder" is just what is missing for this. Incredibly compact and lightweight the kettle fits even into a small backpack, numerous advantages make it an integral part of a successful hike:

  • the ability to boil water in a kettle and directly on the fire and using a gas burner;
  • in this case the handle of the kettle will not heat up;
  • retro styl;
  • this kettle is the key to cozy evenings in nature with your favorite drinks.

Teapot characteristics:

  • Volume: 3L
  • Material: anodized aluminum
  • Weight: 335g
  • Size: 190x150x260 mm
  • Article: PF-CWS-P16
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Tags: Kettle, Kettle campfire

Specification Fire pot "Sledopyt", 3L, from: Следопыт (Россия)

Main characteristics
Article PF-CWS-P101
Main material Anodized aluminum
The brand Sledopyt
Manufacturer country   China
Volume 3 L
Product Details
code Z0000002321
Weight 0.34kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 190.00mm x 150.00mm x 260.00mm

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