Repellent "Sledopyt-Antikomar", spray, 210 sm3, from: Следопыт (Россия)

Repellent "Sledopyt-Antikomar", spray, 210 sm3, from: Следопыт (Россия)
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Следопыт (Россия) Brand: Следопыт (Россия)

"Pathfinder-Anticomar" repellent, metal. balloon, aerosol, 210 cm3

"Anticomar" repellent agent for protection against blood-sucking insects (horseflies, mosquitoes, midges) when application to nets, clothing, exposed parts of the body and other products from fabric.

Repellent duration:

  • when applied to the skin to protect against insects - 4 hours;
  • when applied to clothing - up to 30 days.

To increase the duration of the action, you can store the treated garment in a plastic bag. Use at a temperature not lower than 10 degrees Celsius.

Repellent characteristics:

  • Volume: 210 cm3
  • Weight: 101g
  • Expiry date: 36 months
  • Article: PF-IR-A210
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Tags: Repellent, insect repellent, "Ranger-Antikomar"

Specification Repellent "Sledopyt-Antikomar", spray, 210 sm3, from: Следопыт (Россия)

Main characteristics
The brand Sledopyt
Manufacturer country   Russia
Volume 210 sm3
Product Details
code Z0000002326
Weight 0.10kg

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