Репеллент "Рефтамид Антимошка" 145 мл (до 4 часов), from: NoBrend Китай

Репеллент "Рефтамид Антимошка" 145 мл (до 4 часов), from: NoBrend Китай
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Reftamide Antimoshka is a repellent agent designed to protect adults from the attack of blood-sucking insects (mosquitoes, midges, horseflies, woodlice, mosquitoes, fleas) when applied to exposed body parts, clothing and other fabric products.

Use at a temperature not lower than plus 10 ° C. Shake the balloon for 2-3 seconds before use.

Spray the product on the palm of your hand and apply, without rubbing, to the exposed parts of the body; treat clothes and other fabric products until lightly moistened in the open air (in a place protected from wind). Position the clothes and direct the jet of the product in the direction of the wind. Spray the product on the products from a distance of 20-25 cm from them, holding the package at arm's length. After processing, dry the clothes.

Time of protective action: insect repellent when applied to the skin - up to 4 hours, when applied to clothing and fabric products - up to 20 days. To increase the duration of the protective effect, the treated clothes should be stored in a plastic bag.

Pressurized balloon! Do not disassemble and do not give to children. Use the product only for its intended purpose! Do not spray near open flames and incandescent objects. Protect from direct sunlight and heating above 40 ° C. Do not smoke during use!

Do not apply to the skin of children, pregnant and lactating women, as well as persons with skin diseases and hypersensitivity to chemicals. Avoid contact with respiratory organs, mouth, eyes and damaged areas of the skin. In case of contact with the eyes — rinse with water and drip a 30% solution of sodium sulfacyl, in case of contact with the mouth — rinse, in the respiratory organs - take out to fresh air.

Apply to the skin no more than 3 times a day. To process clothes, one person should use no more than 1 balloon per day. Repeated treatment should be carried out no more than after 3 to 5 days. Avoid getting the product on synthetic fabrics and plastic products.

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Specification Репеллент "Рефтамид Антимошка" 145 мл (до 4 часов), from: NoBrend Китай

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