The self-inflating mat is wide, two-sleeping, from: Bazizfish

The self-inflating mat is wide, two-sleeping, from: Bazizfish
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Bazizfish Brand: Bazizfish

Tourist self-inflating mat manufactured by the company Basis Fish, double.


  1. Unpack and remove the tightening straps from the mat.
  2. Spread it out and open the inflating valve.
  3. Wait until the mat is inflated, then close the valve.
  4. During the first use, you may need to blow the mat through the boost valve.
  5. After use, open the boost valve and blow off the mat manually.
  6. Then tighten the mat with straps and put it in a bag.

Attention! Do not use the pump to inflate the mat. Store the mat in a dried form. The mat is not intended for use on water or as a lifesaving means. Keep the mat away from fire, sharp objects and pets.

Technical specifications:

  • Length - 192 cm,
  • Width- 132 cm,
  • Thickness - 3 cm,
  • Color - green,
  • Capacity - 2 people.
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Specification The self-inflating mat is wide, two-sleeping, from: Bazizfish

Main characteristics
Color Green
The brand Bazizfish
Manufacturer country China
Volume, capacity 2 чел


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