Folding compass "Sledopyt" in a metal case, from: Следопыт

Folding compass "Sledopyt" in a metal case, from: Следопыт
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Следопыт Brand: Следопыт

Compass "Pathfinder" folding, metal housing

Compass "Pathfinder"is a must in a backpack tourists. To while collecting berries and mushrooms do not get lost in the woods, do not go without a compass.Compass"Pathfinder" to help, if you need to define theAzimuth, to find the correct object in low visibility conditions. Hedo not take up much space, but it is useful always and everywhere
metal body makes very compassreliable, and its size -. Incrediblecompact.
Limb is aligned with the arrow, so there is no need to combine the "north" body with "north" direction.

Compass Features:

  • Material: metal
  • Size folded: 75h60h25mm
  • Size unfolded: 160h60h20mm
  • Weight: 90 g
  • Color: camouflage
  • Reference:  PF-TCP-07

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Tags: Compass Compass "Pathfinder"

Specification Folding compass "Sledopyt" in a metal case, from: Следопыт

Main characteristics
Main material Metal
The brand Sledopyt
Manufacturer country China
Product Details
Weight 0.09kg

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