Газовая мини-горелка "Следопыт-PF-GTP-R02", 177 г, from: Следопыт

Газовая мини-горелка "Следопыт-PF-GTP-R02", 177 г, from: Следопыт
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Следопыт Brand: Следопыт

Mini gas burner universal, with the possibility of refilling

The convenient gas burner is designed for the use of liquefied gas fuel in cylinders with a pressure-type valve. The burner is equipped with a spark piezoelectric ignition system. A capacious cylinder, adjustable flame length and temperature allow you to carry out work in a variety of areas.

The burner has a stand that facilitates its use, as well as a compressed air supply regulator. Due to its small size, the burner is used as a portable fire source.

The burner is equipped with an electric ignition, made of modern composite materials, has a reliable and safe design.

Features of the mini burner:

  • automatic piezoelectric ignition with one touch;
  • compact and ergonomic design;
  • the possibility of refilling the burners with gas;
  • ease of use;
  • convenience in operation.
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Specification Газовая мини-горелка "Следопыт-PF-GTP-R02", 177 г, from: Следопыт

Main characteristics
Season use Всесезонный
The brand Следопыт
Product Details
Weight 177.00g

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