Газ зимний "Следопыт", цанг 220 гр, from: NoBrend Китай

Газ зимний "Следопыт", цанг 220 гр, from: NoBrend Китай
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NoBrend Китай Brand: NoBrend Китай

Gas cylinder 220gr, collet, winter

A gas cylinder with a collet is designed to power gas appliances with the appropriate type of gas cylinder connection.


  • The fuel mixture is based on the mixing of 3 basic hydrocarbon gases: propane, butane and isobutane.
  • The gas cylinder is connected to the device by means of a collet clamp (for equipment with a collet chuck), or through an adapter (for gas appliances with a threaded valve).

Technical specifications:

  • Composition: propane, butane, isobutane
  • Gas cylinder volume: 520 cm3
  • Amount of gas mixture: 220 g
  • Overall dimensions of the cylinder: 65*65*200 mm
  • Operating temperature range: - 20C to + 35C
  • Valve type: push-on, with collet clamp

ATTENTION!!! The product is certified and complies with TU0272-075-00204292-2010. The connection of the gas cylinder should be carried out in accordance with the operating instructions for gas appliances, at a temperature from -10 ° C to +20 ° C. Protect from direct sunlight and heating above +40°C.

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Specification Газ зимний "Следопыт", цанг 220 гр, from: NoBrend Китай

Main characteristics
Main material Пропан, бутан, изобутан
Type of product Газовый, зимний
The brand Следопыт
Manufacturer country Россия
Product Details
Weight 220.00g

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