The Lower_Case (Burners, stoves, lamps) of different models are presented at affordable Cut prices ( ([Special]) [Special] from [Min_price] ⋂ from 0)

The Lower_Case (Burners, stoves, lamps) of different models are presented at affordable Cut prices (<if> ([Special]) [Special] <ELSE> from [Min_price] </ Endif> ⋂ from 0)

The lower_case_first (Burners, stoves, lamps) category contains the goods necessary for successful fishing, which no fisherman can do without. Pay attention to the availability of fishing supplies.

There are more than 69 items in the lower_case_first (Burners, stoves, lamps) category. A large selection makes it possible to buy goods, exactly those that are needed at a given time by the fisherman.

Each item of the product has excellent quality photos taken by our photographers. Detailed photos will help you to correctly assess the quality of the goods, for some positions we have posted simple video clips of the "holding in our hands" type. They will help you to better present our fishing products in action and correctly assess their dimensions and characteristics.

Use a detailed filter to sort and select by individual properties of fishing products. We are trying to make this feature more detailed.

(2> 1) Other fishing products related to this product group are presented in the previous categories:

    lower_case_first ([category_nested sort = "2"];)
    fishing rig.

Плита портативная мультитопливная "Следопыт - Огонь Прометея-1"
Product Code: Z0000001882
Настольная газовая плита "Ultramax"
Product Code: 00157400001
Настольная газовая плита "MaximuM"
Product Code: Z0000004319
Плита портативная газовая "Следопыт - Огненная буря"
Product Code: Z0000001879
Gas stove "Pathfinder-Spark", ceramics. (overpressure protection)
Product Code: Z0000010404
Настольная газовая плита "Deluxe"
Product Code: 00157100001
Обогреватель (плита) инфракрасный газовый Следопыт "Диксон" кВт 4,62
Product Code: Z0000002074
Gas stove "Pathfinder - UltraEffect ", keram. (With adapter)
Product Code: Z0000010110
Плита портативная газовая "Следопыт - Вулкан"
Product Code: Z0000001877
Gas stove "Pathfinder - UltraEffect ", keram. (With adapter)
Product Code: Z0000010111
Настольная газовая плита "Weeny"
Product Code: 00157500001
Table gas stove Pathfinder Weeny Desktop gas stove "Pathfinder. Weeny" is a compact version of a t..
Плита настольная газовая "Следопыт - UltrA", керамическая, с переходником
Product Code: Z0000001873
Обогреватель (плита) инфракрасный газовый Следопыт "Диксон" кВт 3,65
Product Code: Z0000002073
Плита портативная газовая "Следопыт - Паучок"
Product Code: Z0000001880
Плита портативная газовая "Следопыт - Мечта Путешественника", титановая
Product Code: Z0000001885
Portable Gas Stove Pathfinder Traveler's Dream If you have an urgent question about the need to sa..
Настольная газовая плита "Power"
Product Code: 00157300001
Плита портативная газовая "Следопыт - Ручной Паук"
Product Code: Z0000001881
Плита настольная газовая "Следопыт - Black", с переходником
Product Code: Z0000001871
Плита портативная газовая "Следопыт - Маленький костерок"
Product Code: Z0000001884
Настольная газовая плита "Classic"
Product Code: 00156800001
Table gas stove Pathfinder Classic PF-GST-N06 The CLASSIC gas stove is the most classic inexpensiv..
Плита настольная газовая "Следопыт - Style"
Product Code: Z0000001872
Table gas stove Pathfinder Style Tabletop gas stove Pathfinder is the older brother of the stove T..
Светильник порт. газовый "Следопыт - Северное Сияние", стекл.
Product Code: Z0000002091
Обогреватель (плита) инфракрасный газовый Следопыт "Диксон" кВт 2,3
Product Code: Z0000002069
Обогреватель (плита) инфракрасный газовый Следопыт "Диксон" кВт 1,15
Product Code: Z0000002068
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